Social Research & Planning Council

Our Recent Studies


Starting the Conversation: A Report on Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling

in Perth and Huron Counties (2012)

Transportation Report

The Road Ahead: A study of transportation needs across Huron and Perth Counties (2012)

Elder Abuse

Breaking the Silence: A Report on Elder Abuse in Perth County (2009)

Socio-Economic Impact Study

Facing the Future: The Socio-economic Impact of the Global Recession on Stratford, St. Marys and Perth County (2009)

Mental Health Report

It Affects Us All: A Report on Mental Illness in Perth County (2008)

Quality of Life

Quality of Life: A 2008 Profile Report (2008)


Social Research and Planning Council
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Tel: 519 271-7730 or 1-877-818-8867

Fax: 519 273-9350

The SRPC produces reports for the community and wants to know what information is beneficial for you, for your family, and the community. We welcome feedback about all our reports and would love to hear your ideas for future topics. Please email any comments to:

New Report Released

For a copy please contact Tracy at 519-271-7730.

The Social Research and Planning Council is comprised of community representatives who are dedicated to the collection, analysis and distribution of information relating to social trends and issues in Perth and Huron County. It is our hope that with this information, social and human service agencies and funders can make informed decisions regarding courses of action and implementation resources.

Social Planning Councils exist in a variety of forms throughout Canada and the world. In general, they share the role of tracking the community pulse, providing a public forum for social issues dialogue, identifying and prioritizing unmet needs and building community commitment and capacity to address these needs.